E-Poster Presentation

  1. E-Posters to be presented in landscape orientation and in PDF format.
  2. Ensure that IPEPC ID No (to be provided at a later date) is included on the top left corner of your poster
  3. Title is to be printed at the top of the poster. (BOLD CAPITAL letters, Size: 24).
  4. Name(s), Department(s), Institution(s) and Country of author (s) should be stated clearly, directly below the title. Provide the Surname(s) of the Author(s) followed by initials, with the name of the presenting author in bold (Font size: 10).
  5. Rest of the slide includes the following:
    • Introduction (font size: bold 18): To mention Research question / Objective of the study (text font size 18)
    • Methods (font size: bold 18): Mention the design of the study, interventions, outcomes, statistical methods and version of software used (text font size 18)
    • Results (font size: bold 18): Observed results in summary form along with statistical inference as well as relevant Table/Image/Illustrations. (text font size 18)
    • Discussion and Conclusion (font size: bold 18): To be brief and relevant supported by the findings within results; limitations of the study (text font size 18)
    • Take home messages and future prospective (font size: bold 18): (text font size 18)
    • References (font size: bold 18): Relevant recent references. Not compulsory to be included. (text font size 18)
  6. Do include your assigned IPEPC ID No (Font size: 10) at the top left-hand corner of title text box. The IPEPC ID will be provided at a later date on confirmation of acceptance and registration
  7. PDF poster security settings: Please do not lock the PDF using a password (this is to enable us to put all the e-Posters together for presentation in a loop during the conference).
  8. Only single Power point slide is to be used for e-poster:
    • Recommenended font: Arial/Times New Roman/Helvetica
    • Layout:Landscape
    • Font size :as mentioned above
  9. View the presentation on a monitor i.e., 1920×1080 pixels to make sure images are sufficiently large with appropriate resolution.
  10. The E-Posters submitted will be deemed as final and no further changes to the poster will be allowed to the day of presentation.
  11. Deadline for E-Poster submission will be 05 August 2021.
  12. No changing of presentation session and slot is allowed during the conference.

Please download the Abstract Submission Form and e-mail to sowmya.n@manipal.edu.my.